a little late…

…but yesterday I bought the charity album DO FUN STUFF, VOL. 1.

One of the blogs that I love to read, which has become this family that I’ve grown to love,  have a son that was recently diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder Smith-Magenis Syndrome.  Because of, Ryan (that’s the Dad) and his wife Cole put together this great i-tunes album of super fun music for kids…100% of the proceeds going to PRISMS, an organization devoted to providing information and support to families of persons with Smith-Magenis Syndrome, as well as promoting awareness of SMS.  Yesterday I just got around to actually buying the album for our house and love it!  Audrey and I have done a lot of listening and a little dancing to it.  (I think that Nothing and Morton the Caterpillar are in a tie for favorites.)

So anyway, check out Pacing the Panic Room, the family, the cause and the album.  You’ll love ’em all!

(You can click on the DO FUN STUFF at the top to give it a listen…and on the itunes album link to purchase it.)

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  1. Dee Beard

    How wonderful this is and the way it came to me. Thank you Bethany

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