6 months and a right now redo

Things had gotten a tad out of control around here (remember the baby monster blog?)

So, Audrey turned 6 months old and we got things back on track (aka- got out the baby log book from the early days of tracking Audrey’s schedule, updated myself with a little baby wise reading and reworked her daily schedule.)  There has been a huge difference in Baby and in Mommy.  I guess I didn’t realize this first time learning that just because you have things working, time would go by, baby would change and a whole new set of things would be needed.  Audrey had gotten in charge and things had gotten out of hand.  So now…here is what is working (with a big emphasis on now…because now I know.)

Now she gets up around 6:45.  Nurses and eats her food.  Plays and then goes down for a nap at 9.  (She sleeps anywhere from an hour to 2 hours.)  Nurses again at 11.  Plays.  Naps somewhere in this time (not so exact) for usually about 45 minutes.  Nurses and eats food at 3.  Plays/goes for a walk/naps with me in the hammock/spends time outside.  Has a bath.  Bottle at 7 and to bed around 7:30.

And it has really helped things.  She is happy happy again.  Which means I am.  And we still get to snuggle because I didn’t want that to go away.  All the time in the day isn’t spent on feeding or trying to get her to nap.  Life with the 6 month old baby is back to normal.  We’ll chalk the 5th month up to learning.  Another lesson learned for now.

More now…

Her favorite spot.  Mark put her in a box he’d just opened last weekend…who knew it would become the best thing ever.  It is perfect for her still wobbly sitting up.  She loves it!

Playing on the couch…

She wants to get Frida as much as Frida wants to get Liza.

Click here for giggles in a box..not to be confused with giggle box.


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