one-handed, or i have created a baby monster…

if i balance just right i can scoot her hiney against the desk while i type and have 2 free hands.  so i know i know, i have created a napping monster.  this girl wants to be held and snuggled what can i say.  she loves a nap with her mommy.  but as much as i love them too, i also gotta break this.  i have to have that time back.  to clean, to blog, to create, to journal, just to be.  for the last month or so we have been napping together and it shows-i have no blogs, no journaling, not such a neat house and this little want to be held monster.  and i know that if i am honest with myself that without the me time, i am good for no one and for nothing.  this whole thing is such a learning experience.  i’m not sure what to do.


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