mind pong

Mind pong-n. (or adj. maybe) the state of my brain, a million thoughts at once, ideas and thoughts bouncing around in my mind like a game of pong (I’m visual…I can see this) the state of thinking that keeps you up at night, somewhat related to mommy brain I think.


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  1. Jana

    And it just goes on and on and on…I had it before but now I REALLY have it. This is mine right now:
    I wish I could stay home with Gibbs tomorrow.
    Tomorrow I need to mail those cards and finish that paperwork first thing in the a.m.
    I can’t wait to have my coffee in the a.m.
    I need to get some more coffee and creamer.
    I hate that I’m hooked on caffeine again after doing 1/2 and 1/2 coffee for so long.
    I need to figure out how to get to that consignment sale….
    But if I go to that I can’t do XYZ…
    I wonder if I should switch Gibbs’ room around again this weekend instead of doing that.
    He was so cute playing in there earlier.
    Mmmm….just a little taste of my mind pong. Love you!

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