a whole lot of great

today started off with this great morning weather outside.  cool, almost with a little chill to the air.  what a treat from the million degrees and thousand percent humidity lately.  so audrey and i went for a nice, long stroll all the way across hartsville, downtown and then back up with a stop at meme’s yard for some cut flowers.  (we went prepared with clippers in the basket)  this summer i have learned that just about anything will root when put into water.  this has been great for a) free plants to come and b) free natural decorating in the meantime.  there are vases all over the house filled with gardenias and such waiting to pop out some roots, get a temporary pot home and then fill our yard next spring.  a big old woohoo to that!  i am feeling like a gardener more than ever before…maybe all along i was going about it the wrong way…trying to grow veggies.  too much sweat and work goes into that.  i am loving this cut and decorate in the air conditioning version of being a grower.  i think that mark’s grandmother’s rena has actually rubbed off some green thumb to me in those times i jokingly get her to rub mine…secretly i also just love some grandmama hands and i don’t have any of my own my own anymore.  hers count to me though.  anyway, also on the walk i found this lovely cicada in perfect condition.  great morning, great weather, great walk, great plants to root and a great find.  and to top that off later audrey and i had the best nap i think i’ve had since before i got pregnant.  this wonderfully deep sleep with detailed dreaming right on top of the covers beside my favorite girl in the world.  what more can a day ask for?  it’s been a whole lot of great.


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