four months have come and gone

audrey turned 5 months on monday.  woah…can i just say again how quickly it’s passing?  the fourth month was the most obvious of a change with our baby girl to me.  she went from a newborn to a baby…all these kind of big step changes happened.

things i love that she does right now:  how she can show off already (blow raspberries, laugh, smile at people)  snuggles her head into my chest especially when she’s sleepy, puts her feet in her mouth, sucks on her fingers and toes, puts everything in her mouth, tries to get anything you have, laughs and gets tickled, loves hammock time, takes good naps in her crib, still takes naps snuggling with me in bed, rolls over and scoots all over the floor somehow, plays with all her toys, wakes up happy….

today i finally printed pictures from a cd of mom’s pictures from the hospital and the first time at home with her.  i went to pick them up tonight when mark got home and i have to admit that the teary-ness i’d felt earlier in the store turned into actual tears as i sat in my car looking at that tiny, precious baby and having all those memories come right back.  what goes by so quickly also seems like a lifetime ago and there she was, from the first moments of life.  mmmm…it’s such goodness.  i am so thankful to have that time captured.

happy 5 months audrey lou.  you are the best thing in the world.


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One response to “four months have come and gone

  1. Aunt Monnie

    Could you possibly be 5 months already! Time has a way of silently slipping by……What an adorable picture of you! Oh, my, I can finally see some of your mama in you. You have so looked like your daddy, a good thing, but now I see your mom, too!
    What a lucky little girl you are, Audrey Lou.
    Hugs & kisses & prayers for you,
    Aunt Monnie

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