a long time without a post (things going on and things i get)

it’s been a while since i’ve last updated.  so much is going on that the time to sit down and blog seems to never happen…well truth be told, the little down time ends up being used for one of my many ongoing projects, reading blogs, looking at too many fabulous things on the internet and other forms of non-productive fun.  i have my finger in too many pots (is that the saying???)  lately i have even looked at my crazy house and realized that i think this is what typical new mom houses look like.  and i understand.  i have let go of some of that for sure.

all is well though.  great really.  audrey is so much fun right now.  she is still a little roly poly.  it’s caused a little wake in our smooth sailing waters though.  we were in our groove.  she’d play on her little quilt-so content with her toys and in one place- and now, you lay her down and the rolling begins.  which is so fun and exciting to her, but hard work!  after a bit of that she is worn out and unsettled, ready to be held, propped up to sit or take a nap.  i guess that’s how it goes.  new tricks are a lot of work (for both of us.)  today i laughed because instead of her one little baby sized quilt on the floor i had two big quilts and four little blankets all out on the floor.  new house with carpet and open floor plan that i used to hate…i get it now.  still don’t want one, but i get it.

this afternoon she was so intrigued by frida.  while we were sitting on the couch she was talking up a storm to frida.  i know to her because she was staring her right in the face.  if frida moved, audrey followed.  and the later after mark got home she actually got tickled and laughed out loud at her.  it was the best (and the first time really getting giggly.)  when frida would jump in my lap i would go ‘woof woof’ and audrey would giggle.  i wanted it to last forever.  we should have taken frida to take pictures yesterday…audrey was not really feeling it.  even though she wasn’t fussy, nothing would make her smile.  by the end she fell so asleep in my arms that when i sat her upright in a chair to try one last shot she stayed sound asleep.  it was pitiful.  no more, i felt too bad.  so we’ll see how those turn out.  we were really hoping for one of those gummy grins we love so much.

what else?  today i finally got her room back together and just have a couple finishing touches to complete what i hope will satisfy a room that was planned without knowing what baby perry was.  i wouldn’t take that back over any amount of design, but i haven’t settled her room yet (to me) and we are going on 5 months.  should i say it again…i get why the majority of people find out the sex of the baby and can i also add, let the baby sleep in the bed with them.  (to elaborate on that one…we aren’t but we take some naps there together and it is good easy sleeping for me and the baby.)  motherhood will take away all prejudgement you may have had before parenthood-at least for me it has- to each their own, do what you have to do.


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  1. Oh yes, I think we have definitely learned that we no longer think the same way and made lots of terrible but naive judgements. I want the carpet and open floor plan!! Of course I love my house but now I understand those neighborhoods. Enjoyed reading your update! Pretty soon Audrey will be throwing Freida’s toys around at her:) Love you!

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