roly poly

Audrey rolled over last night after all her trying.  And Mark and I both got to see it happen for the first time.  Audrey was very obvious that it was going to be last night so we were prepared…waiting to see but just not with the camera.  It was really cute because when she did it we made a big deal-clapping and cheering- and she actually looked proud of herself.  It only happened the one time last night…all the excitement wore her out I believe.

What’s so crazy is that this whole thing happens so fast.  Last night before bed I was thinking about how early that day our baby girl couldn’t roll over, and then just like that she was doing it.  I wondered if it would kind of be a one time thing for right now.  That today she’d have to try hard again to do it.  But this morning as soon as I laid her on the floor to play…there she  was again…our roly poly baby.  Now you can’t stop her.  Everyday is a new surprise.  It is so wonderful and so fast.

Today she had her 4 month check-up and everything was good.  Now she weighs 11 pounds 12 ounces and is 25 inches long.  That’s still right about 50th percentile for weight but now she’s jumped to the 75th percentile for height.  She also had her shots and did a great job.  She didn’t cry at all for the stick just a little with the injection.  A brave, strong girl again.  I am very thankful and proud of our baby girl and this whole experience.



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2 responses to “roly poly

  1. Flora Beth

    Hi Bethany. I checked Courtney’s baby book out of curiosity. She was a half inch taller but almost 5 pounds heavier than Audrey at four months!! So, I guess I had a chubby baby.

  2. Jana

    I realized how awful it is that we talk so frequently but I so rarely check your blog. To be honest, I almost forget about it sometimes! However, now I have it saved on my computer so it is more accessible for me to check out. I love reading your thoughts and especially sharing these thoughts over the phone together during our mama conversations. Love you much. I enjoyed catching myself up on these while G is napping today.

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