summer is complete…

this past weekend completed summer.  everything that it should be checked off the list.  just the three of us spent a little time away at the beach.  it included (a lot of packing!!) some sandy toes, audrey’s firsts with the ocean and pool, naps, much relaxation, too much sun and fresh sliced tomatoes for lunches.  what a perfect mini get away!  (did i mention i fell in love with the beach again?)

audrey loved the whole experience of the sand, ocean and the swimming pool.  we didn’t know what she would think about such chilly water, not her usual bath water, but she is a little water bug. i must admit that the grocery store was her favorite part of the trip though…she would squeal and talk, busily looking around while we cruised the isles.  whoever said you don’t have to spend money to make things special with kids got this one just right.  on friday morning we were up and out to the beach by 7:30am..back in well before 10.  oh how things have changed…


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  1. Flora Beth

    Bethany, I’m so glad yall had fun at the beach. I can’t wait to see more pictures. She is such a doll baby.

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