This week with a growing baby girl.

Audrey is getting close to 4 months now.  Here are some things from this week:

On Monday Audrey was talking so loud and so much that I couldn’t talk on the phone to Mark on his way home from work.  I think she is camera shy though because every time I tried to record her she’d quiet down and then start back up when I put the camera away.

I think she is starting to figure out laughing on purpose, not just randomly or in her sleep now.  I can’t catch it yet on camera either, but it sounds like this- “a huh a huh huh.”

She is fighting sleep like crazy.  Sometimes she will cry & kick and literally fight it for a good 15 minutes.  Then all of the sudden she’s out, given it up.

She likes to be held like a big girl (you know sitting on your hip with one arm around her back) but she’s still kind of tiny for it-not enough hiney for holding.  Plus she like s to lean way back.  It ends up being more like this awkward hug way of carrying her around.

She loves being in her carrier and going for little strolls around the yard to look at trees and the sky.  A whole new and different perspective for her.

On Wednesday she had a visit from her MiMi and her greatgrandmama, MaMa.  It was so special to be with these ladies.  Audrey was a happy girl and just talked to them both.  It was the first time MaMa had been to our house in Hartsville  and the first time she’d seen Audrey since the hospital.  How special and lucky that Audrey has a great Grandmama too.  Also while she was here we were talking and I realized that our little Audrey Lou (Lougenia, after my mom) has another special namesake, Mr. Lou, who was Ms. Rena’s husband and one of Mark’s very special people.  I just love how that worked out!

Yesterday I put her on her belly to play and she rolled over to her back.  I think she will roll over soon too (from back to belly.)  She has been trying her hardest, rolling as far as she can stretch on her side.  She’s gonna get it soon.

She is getting very long but you don’t get to see that very often because she usually keeps her legs bent.  She sleeps like that some, with her knees bent and little legs up off the bed, so I stick a pillow under them so she won’t have to work so hard.

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