three months and some catching up

audrey is 3 months today!  (which is so hard to believe- because i feel like we just got her & that i can’t remember life without her)  she is doing great…sleeping good, talking so much, squealing, smiling like crazy.  such goodness!

we took her to church for the first time last sunday and we decided to take her into preaching with us and hold her.  (not quite ready for nursery)  it was really special and a little more emotional than i’d even thought about.  i think because some of her spiritual family was meeting her, some of the people that have been part of my spiritual family all my life.  i felt a little teary, all in such a good way.  so when preaching had started (we’d already  moved back by the door for easy exit access) audrey finally fell asleep and then in her sleep what we’d worried about actually happened- she pooped a big very outloud and stinky stinky poop.  mark was full of self control and kept it together, but i can’t say the same for me and the 3 preteen boys sitting behind us.  that ended our first trip back to church.  it was around 11:50…we almost made it.  i think night church is best for us right now.

she is so lucky to have so many cousins close to her same age and the other day eliza (who we already have plotted as a’s best friend) came over.  it made my day to see them playing together.  i’m predicting this might show up again in a senior in about yearbook 18 years.  we have so much to look forward to…



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2 responses to “three months and some catching up

  1. Monnie Privette

    Bethany: what a wonderful legacy you are creating for this precious little girl! It makes me a little sad I did not write down as much about our boys as they grew. I love reading your blog and look forward to all the new pics of Audrey. Great job, mom! Keep up the wonderful adventure through her life’s journey!! Hugs, Aunt Monnie

  2. Flora Beth

    I just hooted when I saw this snapshot of Audrey and Eliza. We know who the basketball or volleyball player will be!! I love, love the picture. They are both so adorable and can’t wait to see them again. This is when I wish I lived closer so I could watch them grow up. But, you are doing a good job of keeping me up to date. Kiss Audrey 100 times for me. FB

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