some things

today audrey and i were so sleepy and napping so much that i was starting to think we had carbon monoxide in our house.  we went outside.

sometimes when i know that audrey is about to wake up from a nap i will go and wait for her to.  and when she does i don’t say anything but watch and smile as she looks around, focuses, and smiles a big smile back at me.

frida is a follower.  wherever i go, there’s the dog.  upstairs.  downstairs.  to change a diaper.  on the floor.  to the kitchen.  on the couch…frida.

i miss andy.  tonight he came over.  it was the best.  he used to be my best friend (in person.)  i want more of him again.

i think that not getting enough sleep is hurting my knees the most.

audrey is becoming quite expressive.  today she had to get some of her left over medicine by spoon and she made a grossed out/yucky face and then outside watering the plants together, some of the mist sprayed back on us and she squinted her eyes in a way to say “woah” and kind of shook her head.  (also she is really starting to squeal this week.) i love it.

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