audrey update for 11 weeks…

When you talk to Audrey she turns her head, kind of puts her chin down to the side and smiles.  It is so adorable.  A little shy and flirty.  You have to wonder if already we can see her little personality.  What our Audrey is going to be like.

Audrey likes Queen.  Her Daddy and I sing her the song from Wayne’s World only with all kinds of random lyrics.  We tried Bicycle and Fat Bottomed Girls too just for fun.  All with smiles from her.

These days she seems to like her hand more than the paci.  So much it’s not worth the fight and sometimes to the point that she gags herself.  So weird.

Some of her 0-3 month sleepers are starting to stretch a little tight.  She just might change sizes right with the tags.

She is still sleeping through the night, some nights more peacefully than others, but still I am a proud Mama.  Most nights she doesn’t do her turn abouts anymore…I think she is feeling a lot better being on her new medicine.  She puts her little arms up crossed behind her head, which is just too cute.  She was doing that in her ultrasound at 17 weeks and we loved it then!


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  1. Flora Beth

    Hi Bethany, I just love the pictures of Audrey. She is so adorable. I think the one of her smiling is the first time I’ve seen her smile. I could just eat her up. Give her 50 kisses for me.

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