here is the second attempt at flowers for audrey’s room.  the first try were colored flowers, no outlines.  from that i have narrowed down the idea..i want doodle-like flowers.  it is what was in my mind the whole time i was pregnant for a name or something on the wall.  now i just can’t decide if i am satisfied with this grouping or if i just want to do a daisy (like far left) then one different flower in the middle and another daisy.  help!  please tell me what you people that read this think…too busy, add color, just three flowers, or keep it like it is.  i can’t seem to make up my mind.  big surprise!



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2 responses to “wallflowers

  1. Courtney

    well, since you helped me out with my bedspread, and since i feel like i pushed you over the edge into painting flowers, haha, and since i read this blog, i’m going to give you my very un-artistic opinion. i like it the way it is. i like that every flower is a little different, i think it makes it fun. and while daisies are my favorite, i don’t think you need two of them. if you’re going for symmetry, you could put the daisy in the middle and put the one in the middle where the daisy is, but i don’t think you really have to. oh, and i like the two shorter ones. i think it makes it look like a mini field of flowers on her wall.

    …so wanna come to memphis and put some on my wall?? 🙂 haha

  2. Flora Beth

    I think they’re really cute. But I think color would be cute too.

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