story of a bumped head (and more importantly feeling better about it)

on monday afternoon we had gotten home from getting shots and audrey was a bit fussy.  so i was taking her outside because usually that is the best thing to make her happy.  well on the way out of the front door, while trying to keep the dog inside and the paci from dropping and the burp cloth over my shoulder, i bumped audrey’s head on the door.  it didn’t seem to phase her but of course it worried me.  i kept feeling it to see if it was swollen or if me touching it seemed to hurt her.  i felt terrible.  who runs their baby into the door?  great mama right?  mark got home and he reassured me.  i think his exact words were “she’s not porcelin,” but still i felt, checked and thought about it a lot.

well, yesterday i told mama about it happening.  i must admit a little reluctantly…afterall, my mother can take care of babies better than anyone i know.  she’s some kind of no-fail super mama.  sometimes i wonder if she’s more equipped than me.  (and i’ve come to learn this is a normal self-doubt  after talking with other mama friends.  phew, i know)  anyway, she said with no judgement “don’t you just hate when you do that?”  and then, i quit checking and thinking and feeling.  even a super mom must bump a little head a time or two.  i am doing alright…audrey is gonna make it through with her mom in training.


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