making it girly…maybe

i am thinking of doing a little bit of a change for audrey’s room.  i think somewhere in the back of my mind i knew that if i had a girl (or boy for that matter) that i would want a more gender specific room.  i did know that.  afterall, some fabric almost made me find out what the baby was.  (i love not knowing though…and wouldn’t change that for any decortating)  but now, i do want audrey to have a little bit more girlish room.  so today, after a lot of brainstorming, and on the second try, i went to lowe’s and played around with some ideas to add, without much cost and effort, a more girly touch to her room.  i was thinking of painting over the tree and painting several big big coloring book with black outlining style flowers on the wall.  but i think i will have the same dilema…feeling like it’s a theme.  i am not a theme kinda gal!  so for now the idea is still to paint over the tree, paint the shelf gray, do some pink fabric covered storage boxes for the shelves and think about a flower or two…hmm.  i am in serious brainstorm mode.  did i mention the foyer paint samples and green for the kitchen???


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  1. Courtney

    I vote at least 1 fun, big flower on the wall….or maybe that’s just because I want one on my wall! haha

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