2 months and growing…

Audrey Lou had her 2 month wellness check-up on Monday afternoon.  Now she is 22 1/2 inches long and weighs 9 pounds 12 ounces.  She is right in the middle of the chart on things.  The check-up was good…I just love her doctor.  He spends so much time checking her out and also really talking to me about my first time mama concerns.  It makes a real difference.  She got her shots Monday too.  It was so sad…I just hate that cry when she’s so upset.  Pititful!   (But then she went right to sleep.)  When we got home she was pretty pitiful some more though.  She ran a little fever and had to be held most of the evening.  If you even moved a finger off of her (or sat down, quit bouncing, stopped walking, kissed her) she would tune right back up with some big ole crying.  It took most of yesterday to recover really…

But she has still slept through the nights.  It is so great.  We still have to kind of stretch out the 4-5-6am time, but we are getting there.  We figure you have to go through a little crying & frustration to get to the goodness.  She is really awesome though…growing up so much.

Yesterday when she was in a talk-y mood, I would make a sound to her (like my mouth really O-shaped) and she would try her best to figure out how she could do her mouth that way.  And every now and then (I’d like to think not just by chance) she would make the same sound back to me.  She’s just so much fun right now.  With the talking and starting to really play.  It’s true, even though I said I wanted her to stay teeny-tiny, that every stage that comes is so wonderful for all new reasons.  (I’m back to thinking I could do this a few more times.)


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