Last night Audrey slept through the night!

So let me go back…on Saturday night I guess technically she did too.  But it wasn’t this gratifying thing that I thought it was going to be because her first sleep through the night involved taking an hour and 15 minutes to eat her bottle, then staying up, wide awake until 12am and then after some false alarms making it until 6:30 in the morning.  And I failed to mention, I was up a couple different times to pump because I wasn’t sure what to really do with her going a longer time and then there was a milk mix-up that started the morning off kinda shaky.  So, to say the least, when that was what I thought “sleeping through the night” felt like, I wasn’t all that thrilled.  It was a big let down.

But…last night she ate at 7:30, went down for bed at 9:30 and slept until 5:30ish this morning!!!  Granted I was up some but it was still really making it through it felt like.  At 2:30ish I guess, I heard her on the monitor for what I thought were the rumbling sounds of a soon to be hungry baby so I went into her room, put her paci back in, rubbed her back and she settled.  So I laid down in her room thinking I’d only bought a little while like normal.  That happened a few times throughout the rest of the a.m but each time she surprised me by just needing a rub & maybe the paci back…eyes never opened and she slept through the little stirs.  She did awesome.  Plus, it was very cute because she was a real wiggler.  Each time I got up she was in a new spot.  I think by morning she ended up with her feet closer to where her little head had started out.  (I should draw a little comic strip showing her movement over the time.)  I am so proud and excited and a little freaked out that she did it.  And also, I am not expecting it to be an every night thing by any means, but am surely welcoming the idea.

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