how our mornings go…

life it seems has fallen into a schedule around here.  (not because of my charting and graphs may i add)  we are doing things the same-ish each day and learning what to expect from life with audrey.  our day starts around 7 am..our eating part of the day and ends around 8 pm for bedtime.  granted there are 2 other night time feedings happening and sometimes some tears and rocking somewhere inbetween.

i just love the mornings with audrey.  after she eats first thing she has this lovely time of being really alert and playing.  it’s one of my favorite times.  we read and sing and talk and she is usually happy to just be soaking in the big new world of hers.  in these pictures she was really looking at her painting patz did.  mark and i are proud parents of a tiny art appreciator!


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