six weeks old today

Our sweet Audrey Lou is 6 weeks old today!  The time has surely flown by.  So much has happened and changed with her in these first weeks.  It is amazing to watch her grow and learn every day.

Some of the things she’s been doing:

On Sunday (April 25) we had our first true day/time of playing.  It was rainy icky outside so we weren’t going to be able to go for a stroll like usual.  But instead we played!  Audrey was content laying in her crib looking around taking in the world, wore her feet and wrist rattles and gave them some shakes, stared at the baby in the mirror I hung in her crib and even paid attention to me read her a book (for the first time with her awake.)  She really seemed to like the pictures in Brown Bear Brown Bear…her attention lasted through the bird maybe.

She still loves her baths most of the time.  We can’t wait until she can have some water to kick and splash around in.  She’s getting them every night now around 7 and then goes down good for the night.  This is part of her schedule that is the same-ish every day. We know about when she will eat and sleep and I think this is what you hope for.

Yesterday she got her first bottle.  I have mixed feelings about that…I think there is some guilt in it for me.  So far I’d said that while it was easy to just nurse her I would and then I had this feeling like I was over it and wanted to give her bottles.  So I did and she did great.  But I guess I felt guilty like I’d given up.  I can’t explain it…but I do know that that one bottle without me feeding her made me appreciate nursing her the next time, spending that close time together.  I think it’s a typical Mom feeling…naturally needing to get away for a minute, but having some guilt about feeling that way at the same time.

Friday we went to view her photos with Collin Smith.  A friend of mine had warned me that I would cry.  I didn’t think I would for some reason.  I take pictures of her all the time right?  Oh but I did!  The snot pour out of your nose kinda cry.  It was so special.  In just a few weeks she has changed so much.  The pictures captured our precious tiny baby newborn girl.  They are beautiful!  She is beautiful!  (I will of course link to them when we finally make up our mind for the order and they are put on his blog)  I have a thumbnail sheet of them…and I can’t stop staring at them.

Her smiles are the real deal these days.  She will smile when you sing and talk to her.  And it is pretty awesome that now she can find you in the room, not just look at you when you are very close and in her face.  She is looking at everything and taking it all in.  Yesterday when she was swinging her eyes were tracking back and forth to follow me.  I still think she loves the art work…and there is plenty around here for her to take in.

I won’t have an official 6 week measurement of her height and weight, but I’m sure I’ll do an at home one when Mark gets home to help.  Her little legs are getting chunky…she even has some rolls now.  And her cheeks are chubby.  Our girl is filling in and out!  She can still wear her newborn size sleepers and is wearing 0-3 month clothes.  I hope she’ll fit in those for a while too because we have so many cute things she needs to use.  But she is surely growing fast.  We look at all her older cousins (born from November to January) and how big they are.  It’s our way of comparing and realizing just how quick our Audrey will get big too.


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  1. Sarah Haarlow

    She is so beautiful. I have her gift in H’ville and will come next time I’m there. I’m so thrilled for you and Mark. What a lucky little girl she is! Love that name! Hugs to all!

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