early morning…

it is 6:30 am.  for the first time since the morning we had audrey i set an alarm.  i got up, showered, dried & fixed my hair, put on makeup and came back upstairs to sit with mark, sleeping audrey and the animals for a bit.  amazing!  today is a big day.  audrey and i are going to get pictures taken and then we have to go for a quick recheck at the doctor’s.  (thank goodness for grandmamas’ help may i add.)

she had a great night last night.  ate at 12ish and then 4.  this morning i am feeling great because of.  but what i have decided as a mom to live by is ‘to plan to have no plans.’  if you know me this is sounding familar…good thing i had put it into practice before motherhood.  no planning to be on the schedule that was so perfect the day before. no planning that i have any control over what my boobs will do with breast feeding.  no planning i can get the stroller together (or if i can that i can carry it down the steps yet.) no planning to sleep when the baby sleeps (dumb advice if you ask me.)  no planning how my emotions will be or that i can be totally in control of them right now…the unplan plan is back in effect.  it makes things so much easier.   the plan is to enjoy every minute, savor the good ones, learn from the hard ones, love love each second of audrey, do what i can and not worry about the things i can’t, relax and see what happens in this great journey of motherhood and family.

“do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” -john r wooden


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