what we’ve been up to this week

Little Audrey is eating and sleeping so well.  Basically she is living on a schedule of eating every 2 to 3 hours and sleeping really well in between.  I think it was her second night home and in my head I came up with this ideal plan for the night…well, she has lived by that for the most part.  Such a good baby girl.  The past couple days she has been a little fussy in the mornings, but we are working out what mommy should and shouldn’t eat to help make her feel better.

We also went on 2 outings this week!  On Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment and on Friday, Mark and I had to meet with a photographer for a planning session.

The doctor’s appointment went great.  I feel all back to normal and will be so thankful when I get the okay to do all the things I feel up to doing again.  (We really want to go for a spring time stroll…soon.)  I go back in 5 weeks and I think if all keeps going well, that will be my a-okay to get back to regular life.  We met with Collin Smith…who is fabulous!  We have a newborn session scheduled in a little over a week.  I am so excited to capture Audrey right now…her gummy smiles, very expressive faces and cute little self.

And one more picture to show Audrey’s get away leg.  She still loves to curl up those little legs and arms…I don’t think she realizes she has the whole world to live in yet and not just a smaller than average belly where she grew.  Sometimes we just don’t fight it and let it be free, a little leg sticking right on out of her  jammies.


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  1. Margie

    PopPop and I are sitting here just soaking in all your beauty. We can’t wait to hold you again. I can just feel your little soft body in my arms. We love you sooooo much.

    We’re glad you’re feeling better… Love you too

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