a little update

goodmorning.  a little update (in i’m sure to be RANDOM order) of our going-ons:

audrey is amazing.  that love that you are immediately so full of is indescribable.   she has stolen my heart.  yesterday i put the pictures from the hospital onto my computer and for the first time got to really look at the ones of her just getting here.  i just cried and cried.  (i still could right this second)  and now trying to write about it, i’m at a loss of words.  just in awe, so full of love and wonder about this perfect little creation, our special baby girl.

our hospital stay was good.  the c-section was not bad at all and the first days of her life i spent in this happy place like no other i’ve experienced.  it is almost a magical time.  i loved every second.

we brought her home on friday and since then we have been getting used to our home as a family.  audrey is doing great.  even living on a bit of a schedule the past couple nights.

there are so many things to share..just thought i’d take a second to share a couple.  we have a few pictures posted if you’d like to look.  the moments are surely easier to capture with my camera these days than with words.


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