here is the finished baby quilt i made last weekend.  yes, a started and completed weekend project.  what i learned was that tiny is better…it is do-able, therefore gives me that instant gratification in a craft project that i really do like.  a few years back starting a queen sized quilt for my first one was a proven bad idea.  it’s front is about half way done and i love it, but i think it is too complicated for me to ever actually finish.

i also enjoyed the fact that i didn’t really have a plan.  i took all the stuff i might need…cloth galore, the sewing machine, sewing box…down to the dining room table, got all spread out and started to just “quilt.”  the square shapes were put together with enough planning just to get them to fit.  i used fabric i love, samples from ordering other fabric, a sleeve from a dress meme had (that matched one of mine as a little girl) and a few scraps i’d saved from her stash too.

after i got the front all put together, i you tubed a few people’s directions for finishing the back and did the best i knew how.  i am proud of how it turned out all and all.  and already am planning another idea for a tiny sized project.  there will need to be more you tube directions for sure and i have a book on the way for some extra teaching.  of course….guess who thinks it should belong to her???


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