34 week appointment update

My doctor’s appointment went great.  All is healthy and well with baby and with mama.  I got to see Dr. McDaniel which always makes for the best appointments…she said that everything looked great from the ultrasound 2 weeks ago and that baby is doing just what it needs to.  She also said that getting to 34 weeks marked a big mile stone because now if labor starts, they don’t do anything to stop things and let the baby come.  Apparently it is more harmful to stop things than it would be to have a 34 week baby.  HOW EXCITING!  She said it may need to spend a couple extra days in the hospital if it came right now, but would be otherwise just fine.  The baby gave her a big fat kick when she was listening to the heartbeat…enough to bump the doppler right on off my belly.  It was quite funny.  She said it must not have liked what she was doing.  Do we have a strong willed baby in there already?  So, that’s the update for now and I go back next week…we’ve gotten to the once a week appointments.  It is time!  Meet you soon Baby Perry.


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