Baby Perry Update for 32 weeks and 4 days

We had a doctor’s appointment this morning to check in on things with Baby Perry, which included an ultrasound.  Here’s the Baby’s newest info:

Everything looked good on the ultrasound.  Even though you couldn’t tell what part was what because of the position the baby was in, we could see the heart healthy and beating strong at 159 with what seemed to be all it’s working parts.  Things were measuring good and the baby weighs 4.3 pounds right now.  That’s a little under average but with no concern from anyone about it.  It is in a breech position, but  if it decides to, has time to turn around.  (Guess that little foot I’d been feeling was a little hand)  We didn’t really get any great pictures to share…again, weird position for the photo op.

Then I had my regular doctor appointment part and things were good.  Blood pressure was good, weight just about the same as last week, measuring right on, good numbers, strong heart beat…And I got the okay to travel as long as I stay “east of the Mississippi” so maybe we can go get one of those Fiesta Chicken Salads afterall in Hilton Head.  Yum!  Plus, I got a copy of this page in a magazine that tells how to fold the real cloth diapers.  The article talked about what a mess she was in and wished she could have her Grandmother back for some help…funny since that’s what Mom just said to me last week about how Grandmama folded her diapers.  This whole journey reminds you of just how special all these relationships are…moms and children, generations of sharing and learning and things passed down. Even the way to fold a diaper.  It is all such a blessing.  I am enjoying every step of this miracle trip.


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