the best lunch surprise

today i went to mom and dad’s to have chilli and beans lunch…yum!  but even better than that, i got a surpirse while i was over.  i was inside eating with mom and dad came in from working in the garage.  he was telling me how he’d been cleaning out the past couple days and needed me to look at some of my junk out there to see if i wanted to keep or dump it.  i couldn’t remember having anything left there, but we went out after i ate…and as soon as i walked in there was the shelf they’d made for the nursery!  i was so surprised…i didn’t know that they had even started it yet, we just drew the plans on sunday i think.  i love it so much.  it’s a perfect fit with our furniture and will make the best changing table then bookshelf that can be used forever. 

now typing about it i could just cry.  (gotta love those pregnant hormones) it is so special to think about my baby having a handmade piece from dad.  i have always loved my handmade things my whole life…from “bethany” blocks that made me feel like the most special girl in the world, a playhouse with a porch, clothesline and electricity, to my first piece of real furniture for my apartment in college.  and now…our little one gets their first more than just a piece of furniture present.  i am so thankful (and emotional) for it and more importantly the people who gave it.  thanks for making life so special…


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