the new tree and other baby things

I have been off work this week and last week.  It’s given me much needed time to do some things for the baby (that will be here before we know it.)  Today I spent the whole day painting a new tree in the nursery.  Mark painted over the old one last night.  We liked the one from before, but it wasn’t the kind we wanted.  We went from scary winter tree to a more modern childlike tree.  I love this one so much more.  

Also, today I bought Dreft to start washing the baby’s things.  I have clothes hanging in the closet.  (One of which is a onesie with an owl sewed on that I finally finished the other day…I’ll post a picture.)  And for under the window Dad is going to make a bookshelf that’s a good height to be a changing table at first.  Things are coming together.  

Lori was in town yesterday and she & her family had a little ‘baby shower’ at lunch for me.  It was really sweet.  Lori, Cindy, Taylor, her mom and gramma were there…I love these ladies.  They have been my special girls for so long.  I’m glad I got to share a little pregnant time with them.  

What else?  I have been feeling good and enjoying all things baby…like feeling all it’s movements throughout the day (and night.)  It is truly an amazing journey, I feel blessed everyday.  Count down is less than three months to baby Perry.  Oh my!


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