lots to catch up on…

i have been terribly lazy lately at posting updates.  just to begin to catch up i’m gonna start with my latest doctor’s appointment and what followed that.  it will be a start.

so monday i had a doctor’s appointment.  i was 25 weeks and 2 days.  it was the appoinment where i had to do my glucose screening to check for gestional diabetes.  i drank my little sugary drink and went to the appointment. (by the way it was not that bad at all…it basically tasted like fruit punch soda without the bubbles)  i guess i should say that i didn’t know you should do anything differently than usual before that appointment, so i had cereal and oj for breakfast and then subway right before drinking my flat fruit pop. 

everything was good at the appointment.  i gained almost 5 more pounds, which puts me at 11 so far, blood pressure was good, baby’s heart rate was 162, etc, etc.  for my check up i actually was checked for the first time since getting pregnant.  usaually i dread those, but i was thankful to know everything is doing what it’s supposed to.  no early dialation or anything like that.  he did say i am carrying the baby low…which explains the low baby kicks.  BUT, i failed the glucose test.  my level was 173 and they want it under 140.  so the three hour test was ordered for me.

i was a bit bummed about that…to think that i was about to go back to early pregnancy when eating was more of a hassle than fun fun fun like it has been lately.  wednesday morning i went in to do the next test.  we got there before 7:30, got registered and started the blood testing not long after.  basically what you do, is have blood drawn first thing to get a fasting level, then drink another sugary drink (orange this time) and have 3 more samples taken each hour after that.  then you are done.  it really wasn’t bad at all.  no feeling weird or icky like i usually am with blood and the time passed pretty fast.

but the best part…i passed this one.  so i am quite thankful for that.  i get to keep on keeping on like i have been.


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