doctor appointment update

i had my doctor’s appointment this morning.  i am 21 weeks and 3 days along.  everything is going well.  i have now officially gained 6 pounds on top of my starting pregnancy weight.  big jump for this appointment!  too much halloween candy????  the baby’s heartbeat was good and strong…152 at this appointment.  that was really it for today’s visit.

i can feel the baby moving a good bit these days.  mostly when i am sitting down.  still it’s hard to realize that’s what it really is.  it doesn’t feel like kicks but more like something swimming around inside…a little fish that bumps into me.  and sometimes like bubbles popping against me, depending on where i feel it.  i love it!  mark can’t feel yet, but i can’t wait until he’ll be able to.


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  1. Margie

    I’m so excited! I can’t wait to touch your tummy and feel him/her reach out and touch his/her MiMi. Love you!

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