anything books…

2263486833_d559e0fb02_si am at work.  not working, but just waiting for the students to get here so i can lock up and leave.  and i have spent the last little while looking at my flickr account since i couldn’t entertain myself with much else.  and i have realized how much i am missing my real journaling…just blogging is not satisfying that outlet of getting ALL my thoughts out & down, and in a creative way with stamps and paint and wonderful messiness.  i must start back.  i must go back and catch up.  i usually don’t like the results when i am doing it…oh, but looking back makes them worth it.  no more excuses…back to the real books too.

2263481309_3c0302763f_s    2306708174_d2b7e51f85_s    2261109717_be458586d3_s    2305917285_08c5ff153e_s    2261132761_44bf293890_s    2306709818_152fe364c2_s    2264282210_dd60c3e4f0_s    2569246502_7865291469_s    2569247990_48cde9995b_s    2601192979_a948f7d2d7_s


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