the baby’s first presents

DSCN0605When we went to have our ultrasound done a couple weeks ago we had lunch with Andy afterwards.  It was really good to see him and we had something really important to ask him too.  So at lunch, we told him that we’d been thinking that if we have a boy we would like to use Andrew in the name, after him, the reason that we are together & therefore that this little one is on the way.  And he was honored!  It really will mean a lot to us.  Andrew is our family name.  The family that you get during life, not the one you are born into.  Love that runs just as deep.

Also, Andy gave us these three baby blankets.  One was his when he was a baby.  How special…They are the baby’s first presents.  It was the best day. (I can’t believe I left it out for all this time.)


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3 responses to “the baby’s first presents

  1. Margie

    Wow! Andy must feel honored… Will you call the baby Andrew or Andy…Have you come up with a middle name….After Mark?…..This is an honor that Andy should cherish for the rest of his life! I can’t wait to see our little Andrew/Andy! This makes me smile!

    • Jessica

      Love it! I’m sure andy was so happy! Family names are the best! 🙂 We enjoyed spending time with you all on Saturday. We need to do it again real soon!

  2. Andrew

    Thursdays are mine with the baby!

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