my halloween costume

DSCN0595This year for Halloween I wanted to somehow make my growing belly part of my costume and do something original, other than just painting it to be a pumpkin.  So Saturday afternoon, I bought some foam board & duck tape and made myself an oven.  After all, I had a bun to put in it.  I was a bun in the oven!  It was so much fun…everyone should dress up for halloween, young or old.  We all went over to Sam’s for the usual get together on happening College Avenue.  Mark, Mike, Patz and I took a little walk to see what was going on on the rest of the street and lots of the little kids kept yelling out their guesses about my costume, “washing machine, stove, dishwasher?”   It was pretty funny.  And leave it to the trio I was with to yell back “She’s an oven and there’s a bun in it.”  Mark said that this was preparation for all the embarrassing times to come as a mom.  One couple even made me come to the door to get candy.  “You’re never too old for chocolate” she insisted.  And before the night was over, we put the other two buns that were there in the oven for photos- Laura’s and Amanda’s.  The second bun made the timer ding for sure.  We should get to meet him any day now.

Another fun Halloween…I even think that Thanksgiving got bumped into second place on the list of favorite holidays.



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3 responses to “my halloween costume

  1. Dee

    You look fabulous…what great Mommy & Daddy you both will be. I cry of course in happiness for you both. I so miss you 2, I am glad I am able to watch you both blossom as a family on this site.
    I love you 2 dearly….how you have made my life full of joy being in it and sharing.

  2. Margie

    Cute! Mark, where is your costume?

  3. Sarah Haarlow

    You are so creative. I hope your little one will be just as wonderful as YOU are. (Mark too, I’m sure…) I miss you and can’t wait to see this little one. Keep me posted!

    Love to you,

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