happy things

the yellow and orange fall leaves, Sunday night church, my animal family, perfect days and mornings spent with Mark, overalls, the weather even looking cool out, the Coraline soundtrack, Ilona Smithkin, vanilla wafers, La Vie en Rose -song, watching the baby on our dvd almost everyday…how it puts it’s little arms crossed behind it’s head, riding around to listen to music in the car and do some car-dancing with Mark, getting rid of unnecessary stuff at a yard sale, giving Frida a bath, hearing of little miracles everyday (like Mike and Patz’s cat Gerdie coming back after 59 days missing) Halloween time, asparagus almost everyday


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  1. Amanda Keefer

    Just adding to happy things- your blog spot! I loved reading your entries and seeing your beautiful pictures. So glad Sarah passed along your blog address. So happy to hear your life is so sweet. You are a precious pregnant mama.

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