a fabulous lunch break purchase

DSC_3695Yesterday during lunch I had a mission:  to buy a plant to go in my office.  Every space you spend any considerable amount of time in should have a plant.  Having something living makes for a much happier environment.

So, I went to Lowe’s and got 2 plants- a funky little fern and a voluptuous hanging number.  I ran by home and replanted the little fern in a vintage green pot I got from Meme’s house, put it on a handmade blue ceramic plate to catch the water, and surrounded it with marbles.   And if that wasn’t enough happiness for one lunch break, I stopped by Mandeville to see if there was any container that caught my eye to plant the other in, and found this great vase of buttons!  It was $25.  I tried talking myself out of spending that on buttons, but when you add up just how much the little sheets of small shirt buttons are at the fabric store, $25 adds up quick and on a much less fabulous variety.  Last night I couldn’t wait to dump them out and see what I got….and in just the bit I went through, my $25 was well spent.


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