yesterday’s ultrasound

baby perry 17 weeks 6 daysstill shot of the baby, 17 weeks 6 days, heart rate 145 bpm, everything measures to be healthy and on track


Yesterday we had our mid-way ultrasound.  It was so much fun and so amazing to see our little baby for a while.  It has definitely changed since the ultrasound at 6 weeks…it looked like a butter bean then and now it looks like a real baby.  It was so cool to see the bones, and brain and heart.  We felt very good to hear that everything is measuring right on and looks healthy.  It’s an incredible thing that’s happening.  Right now the baby is probably about 5 inches long and is starting to put on some fat.  I haven’t been able to feel the baby move yet, but we could see it move for sure.  One time it had it’s arms crossed up behind it’s neck and it’s little feet crossed in another.  It was also busy stretching and moving it’s little legs.  

Also, while we were there I had my regular check-up.  Everything was good-blood pressure, how I’m measuring and my weight.  I was up a half pound from my last check-up (still under starting weight though)  My doctor said that they aren’t worried about that since I have been gaining my lost weight back and eating well.  He said now I should start to gain a pound a week.  (That will be one heavy Bethany by March!)  So I think now I can safely say goodbye to my starting weight.  Oh and by the way, I saw the same doctor from my last visit and he was much nicer.  I think that must be an answered prayer…  I have no icky feelings about him anymore.  We just had a bad first meeting together I guess.  


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