the cutest (and safest) darn car seat you’ve ever seen

car seat

last thursday mark and i went to charlotte because thursday he had a class to go to, and friday we both were looking at pelton and crane-the place that makes dental chairs and what not.  thursday while mark was in class, flora beth and i went to babies r us and to buy buy baby.  it was so much fun!  well and so informative.  basically like baby 101 for me.  these very well trained and nice guys gave us the stroller and car seat demo when we realized i had no idea what i needed and how things worked.  i was thinking travel system- after reading and looking at some things on line.  but in the store i realized just how bulky and heavy those really were.  so while the guy was showing me about that, and heard the reason i thought that’s what i wanted (all inclusive, not a lot of separate things and wasted money) he brought over the city mini.  which i must say is the best stroller ever.  why?  it does everything in one stroller.  it turns like a jogging stroller, can have an add on to hook the carrier to it, folds very easily, weighs nothing, is compact, and can hold the baby lying down and then sitting up.  it’s perfect.  

then we went on to the car seats.  and got a great safety and how to demo.  we decided on a britax- in COWMOOFLAUGE.  that’s the best part.  i am always plain…get the brown one…but this time i went funky.  and it is so adorable.  not to mention, it made my mommy instincts feel good to see how safe this seat really was.  

so friday after our dental stuff, mark and i went back to buy buy baby, got another demo for mark, gave the things a try and then we registered for them (just the stroller and the car seat since there aren’t any buy buy babys in sc)  we are so excited about our choices.  if nothing else, now we feel prepared to bring the baby home.


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One response to “the cutest (and safest) darn car seat you’ve ever seen

  1. Monnie Privette

    Bethany: I am so glad you added me to your blog. I just love reading it. Your pics were adorable….you are so creative (bun in an oven)! Loved that. The ultrasound pic was wonderful. There really is a little one in there waiting to be loved! And if it is a girl, how about Andrea (kinda like Andrew)?????
    Thanks again for sending this to me. Will see you in H’ville on Saturday for the next shower. Then guess who is next on the list…….am loving all of this. Need to run for now, Buddy is waiting for me to walk with him. Take care, tell Mark hello too, see you Sat. Hugs, love, Monnie

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