rain, rain and more rain

I love rainy days.  Last night it started raining and it is still raining out. I’d say 12 solid hours of rain so far…and I love it.  I love rain, but especially when it comes and makes a stay for a while. 

I love the grayness of the daytime when it’s rainy and wet.  I love sleeping with the sound of rain.  I love to be in the car in the rain and watch as the drops dance their way across the windsheild.  I love the moment of silence as you drive under an overpass and the rain is stopped.  I love how everything looks wet- healthier and happier.  I love the birds in the rain.  They too sound like they love the rain with their more lively chirping.  I love how Frida stands under a bush to go potty so she won’t have to get wet.  I love raincoats, galashes, and umbrellas.  I love a line full of school children bundled in their rain gear.  I love puddles and raindrops.


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