desperate times call for desperate measures or where there is a will there is a way…


Tonight I made sushi.  “Made sushi” should be taken in the lightest way possible.  This is the story.  I have been wanting it lately but can’t eat it for those of you that don’t know pregnant girls can’t have sushi.  Or at least not restaurant sushi because even if it’s vegetarian, it still may have been cut with the same knife that could carry the raw fish ickyness that’s harmful to a baby…lysteria I believe.  So tonight when I got home from work, I guess I felt like torturing myself because I flipped through a sushi cookbook I have (that has lovely pictures to go along with the directions I might add.)  Well and I decided that I would give it a whirl.  After all, I had the cookbook, a rice steamer, a bamboo mat to roll it with, rice, cream cheese, avocados, chopsticks, and cute soy sauce dipping containers.  Oh, and I almost forgot, a really big craving for it.  What more did I need.  So I steamed some rice, patted it out onto the rolling mat (I don’t know the real name for it) put my cream cheese and avocado on top and rolled it up.  It was so exciting!  It actually made into a real looking sushi roll and tasted enough like it to satisfy my desire…minus the seaweed paper & the sushi vinegar mix that’s added to the rice.  Really it was just a lot of fun.  I satisfied a craving and something I’ve wanted to try for a long time.  I had been waiting on all the right ingredients.  Who knew a baby was the only one I really needed?


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One response to “desperate times call for desperate measures or where there is a will there is a way…

  1. Flora Beth

    Hi Bethany,
    I’m glad you sushi was successful and it satisfied your craving. Also, I love your owl material!! It is so cute. Can’t wait to see your nursery completed. I love the tree!
    Hope to see you soon. Glad you are feeling better. Maybe now you can start to enjoy your pregnancy.

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