the tree is painted

today has been a really fun day for me.  i slept/stayed in bed until 11ish.  got up but stayed in my pajamas and decided to start working on the tree in the nursery.  i think that i am satisfied with it.  i haven’t painted the owl yet.  i am waiting and giving it some time to see if i really am done with the tree.  i sent mark picture messages of the progress as the morning went by.  (maybe i’ll post them)  he seemed to like it.  i can not wait for him to get home.  i miss him so much.  only hours now, so that’s not bad.  for now i am eating some ravioli and making pillows for the daybed that’s staying in the baby’s room.  a productive and lazy saturday.  this should be the only kind.


tree 1    tree 2      tree 3     tree for now 4


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  1. Dee

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!

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