latest doctor appointment

Okay, so I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday.  I was 14 weeks and 4 days.  And it was terrible.  Before Wednesday I had seen 2 of the 3 doctors in the group, well and then I got to meet the third.  I DO NOT LIKE HIM.  I know that I am pregnant, hormonal and maybe a more apt to being emotional, but the whole time he was around me I could feel the tears in my eyes.  This is a recap of the only appointment so far that has been less than wonderful.  

I went back.  Got weighed (which is still less than beginning weight but a little more than the last visit.  Guess that means no weight gain in the first trimester.) Had my blood pressure taken and of course, peed in the cup.  The nurse said ‘oh, you’re 14 weeks now.  You can have your flu shot anytime now.’  I told her that I would just wait and see because in my mind I hadn’t been planning on that so I wasn’t ready or sure what I wanted to do.  No big deal.  She didn’t act like it.  Then I went into a room to wait, thinking I was seeing my usual and fabulous female doctor, that I love.  But instead in came doctor #3 I will just call him.  First of all he said hi Brittany, which really makes you feel like they’ve even, ummm, LOOKED at your chart.  And first thing he said when he did look at it was all question-y and mean about me not getting the flu shot today.  What a jerk!  I could go on and on.  But really he was just like why not (in a judge-y, condescending way) and when I said that I’ve never had one at all before and I’m concerned about the first time being with baby so Id like to think about it and talk to some people, well oh no…I had just insulted the old know it all, by the book, done it a million times before so I don’t care about you being new to this doctor.  He was offended…”Who else do you suppose you should talk to?”  It was terrible.  This is where the emotions kicked in and I just felt like I would burst out crying (which I didn’t) so the rest of the 5 minutes with him was just awful.  I didn’t get to chat like normal about just the new things  and have a happy reassuring appointment that I’ve loved in the past.  I did ask him about the heartbeat he let me hear all of three beats of and again was kind of talked down to.  Hmm, am I supposed to know all this the first time around?  What a poot!  I am just hoping and praying this guy will not be my delivery doctor.  We did not mesh to say the least.  But despite that…the baby seemed to be good.  Heartbeat was 160 this time and my belly got measured for the first time.  It’s growing appropriately I think.  So yay.  We have an ultrasound on the 16th of October.  I’m not sure if this is the one that will check everything out or not since I was unable to communicate, well and hold in the tears at least.  We shall see.  Either way I am super excited about that!  I’ll be almost 18 weeks then.  

That’s about all.  I am feeling super, which is a blessing.  Now I’m just feeding the baby and loving the little one so much already.


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