let the eating begin

With this week (13) I have noticed a definite change in my appetite.  I have been eating constantly for many weeks but for a much different reason than now.  Before, the continuous snacking was to prevent getting sick, well to try to prevent getting sick.  But now, I AM HUNGRY!

The past two nights I have actually eaten a normal person’s serving size and meal as opposed to my nibbling, wasting uneaten meals and only eating things like rice cakes with peanut butter.  Wednesday night, Mark and I went to Applebee’s.  I ate some spinach and artichoke dip and then ate most of my chicken finger basket.  AND ENOYED IT!  And last night, same thing, I ate a regular amount of dinner to the point of feeling full.  This is quite exciting to me.  Food has not been my friend or focus in a long time.  We are now reunited.  (It’s very tempting to say ‘and it feels so good’ right after that…cheesy, I know, but it does.)  And then, at 4:30 this morning (thanks to Frida) I was starving and ate pop-tarts.  

Yay…I can eat again.  This was the part of pregnancy I was most looking forward to I must admit and now it’s here.


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