going back a bit & catching up (it’s a long one)

So I’m going to go through all the missing parts (of the pregnancy at least) in super speed to document like I so love to do and catch up the story for the missing months.  Here goes….

July 14…This is the day it all officially started.  I came home from teaching an art camp and decided that I was going to go ahead and take a test.  I went to the drug store, bought a 2 pack and came home to find out the big results.  The results though were a little tricky to a first timer.  Here’s why.  I took the test, stared & waited and sure enough, there were 2 lines.  Except, one of them was barely there.  It was very very faint.  So, I took the other one.  Same thing.  One obvious line.  One light line.  Was I maybe pregnant?  I came up and looked on the internet.  I must not be the only dumb one, because there was a link to ‘reading your test results’ that said “ONE MAY BE LIGHTER THAN THE OTHER.”  There we go…pregnant.  So I called my doctor, kind of fibbed to Mark that I wanted to wait on him to get home and went for a walk to pass the time until he would be here.  To tell Mark, I met him outside to go straight to buy a test when he came home.  (We’d planned that.)  And I gave him a mix CD I’d made for him.  Really though, the mix CD was a lullaby tribute of Bob Marley songs, that he put in right away.  It being the Daddy’s favorite tunes was a bit much to process but the baby part got right through.  All he could say was ‘you have a baby in there?’  We went and bought a test anyway, digital this time, and without any confusion got our PREGNANT result.pregnant

July 16…had the first appointment to confirm everything.  4 weeks 5 days…Due date March 21, 2010

July 18…Did I mention my mom, of all weeks, was out of town?  We hadn’t told anyone yet but Dad stopped by our house and we couldn’t wait…so we told Dad, just like he had told my granddad so long ago, that we had a bun in the oven!  This was the start of getting to tell our immediate famliy, which was so much fun.  Mom got home from the beach the next evening (finally it seemed) and we went up to the farm to be there when she came in.  I told her I’d been working on my portfolio and she wanted to look.  So she flipped through the pages, talking about this baby and that photo, and then on the last page there was a picture of our positive tests…she was kind of speechless, so I said that’s our baby, and she cried, cried, cried…so excited!the next night we had Mark’s parents over for dinner and decided to tell them with the same portfolio way since it had worked so well with mom.  They did the same thing, flipping through talking about pictures and then at the last page Ms. Margie yelled out “pregnant…pregnant?”   It had worked again.  It was really fun.  Over the next couple nights we called Mark’s brother and sister in law and mine to tell them the news.  

July 25…Like the books predicted, 6 weeks started my feeling sick.  We were in Charlotte too and I wanted to tell Flora Beth and Courtney so bad…but I kept our secret.

July 31…Mark and I went to the doctor to have the first ultrasound of our peanut and hear it’s heart beat.  6 weeks 6 days

August 5…First craving for a fiesta chicken salad from Fiesta Fresh…too bad that’s in HHI.

(In between time…sickish & some throwing up.  Blah!  Oh and strange dreams…) 

August 13…I had some good, regular days and then I got hot at my violin lesson, came home and knew if I moved from the car I would throw up…which I did.  But then I went to Sonic and got sweet tea and onion rings…So this is progress!  Still during this time I would wonder if I was really pregnant (when I was feeling good of course) and then I’d be sick and I’d know.  So that is the upside of the downside…Confirmation.

August 16…Mom’s birthday, 9 weeks pregnant, one of my favorite days being pregnant so far.  We’d debated on how long we’d wait to tell everyone about the baby.  But on that day, it was the perfect time.  Everyone was getting together after church to celebrate birthdays in the family and most of the family would be there, so we decided to tell.  Mark knew that in our family it had kind of become a tradition of breaking special news in the blessings, usually at my gradmama’s house.  It was really sweet because early on, Mark told me he wanted to do t that way for me if we could.  It went something like this:  Dear God, Thank you for today, for family and Ms. Lou’s birthday.  For the chance to celebrate her.  We thank You for this family, for the new additions you’re giving us and especially for the one You’ve given me and Bethany… He didn’t actually get to finish because everyone screamed (George especially I think) & gave teary eyed hugs.  It was so perfect and meant so much to me.  Later we called Mark’s grandma and aunts and uncles…everyone was so happy and so proud.  We also called Andy, and Mike & Patz that first night.  Andy sent the best message to us…”I’m so excited.  This is the closest thing to my own children.”  And he’s the reason for it.  We had a lot of fun calling people, sending texts and pictures that week!  I’m glad everyone can know.

August 20…Grocery list:  ham, asparagus, strawberries, string cheese, hummus, mustard, pita bread, olives, banana popsicles, boiled peanuts, ramen noodles, cheese nabs, chicken noodle soup, ravioli, wheat thins, strawberry jelly and of course..orange juice.  I think that finally I was able to think about food again and what I actually might want to eat, huh?

August 22…In a dream I got to take the baby out and hold it.  We were all at Mom and Dad’s and I was walking around holding it.  It looked like Dad and was so cute.  (and reguar sized..way bigger than it really is right now)  But then after a while I was like okay, I have to go put it back in so it can grow.  I went to the bathroom and realized I couldn’t get it back inside.  Thankfully I woke up at this part because it is a little disturbing really.  

August 25…First maternity jeans came in the mail and they must be the comfy-est things I’ve ever put on my body.  

August 27…Doctor appointment.  Got to hear the heartbeat…180 bpm (seems so fast) Still I weigh less than I did at my first appointment..should I say another upside of the downside?  I think so.  

August 30….This week (11) I can at least, if no one else can, tell there is a baby bump happening.  With week 11 also came a bit of a relapse in the feeling bad…a lot worse than before really.  Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, pukes…YUCK!  It can be quite depressing to feel so pitiful, but I must say that it also gives you a bit of a life check to realize that although this definitely sucks, it is not forever, it is not terminal and there could be so many things that are worse.  Regardless of the now, in March there will be something so worth every moment.  

Sept 9…I think I can actually feel my belly stretching.  It doesn’t hurt but there is a feeling I am very aware of way down low-ish on the tum.

And that brings us up to date….13 weeks.  I will have to be better from now on, so I can avoid the long long posts….


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