two years today…



Today is our anniversary.  2 years of marriage.  Time flies and life passes us right on by.  I am so thankful for Mark, for the blessing we were given in marriage, for love, for the families we share, the family to come, for memories and traditions.  

Last year we started one of our own by dressing in our “wedding day clothes” on our anniversary and taking anniversary portraits.  (Which we do ourselves as part of our day togetherwith a tripod and the timer mode on the camera.)  I don’t really know how the idea actually came about but I guess it all started by thinking about weddings and the fact that they are so short lived (and forgotten usually).  You do all this preparing in thought and money and then the day comes, you get married, have some pictures taken and put the dress and suit away forever, or at least until you have a child and they want to see it, or maybe play with the idea of wearing it.  But really, the wedding is it for the beautiful dress.  So somehow in this thinking it came to be that we would relive the day each year by wearing our forgotten outfits and documenting our years, our celebration and ultimately our aging together.  Our “growing old together” I should say.  

Anyway, new year.  New house.  New town.  New experiences.  Same dress and suit.  Same fun.  Same tradition.  More love.  More memories.  More pictures….



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