where i have been

Okay, so the closet project turned into a lot more time and work than I had realized.  We have been sleeping in the den since school got out basically and me, living out of stacked up laundry baskets-in Mark’s shorts mostly and whatever shirt I could get my hands on.  Real cute.  But today I moved the bed back in and all the other bedroom things.  And it is beautiful.  It looks like the closets were there all along, or at least like they should have been.  Hooray that we are back to normal living, even though it is just in time for me to be out of town.  

What else?  Making babies.  Baby owls that is.  It started with a little stuffed animal owl and now turned to owl bags, which I must call “Sarahbeth” bags for the fabric and the subject.  Check them out…


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