adding to the resume

The closet is not only a great addition to our house but I think to my resume as well.  Thanks to Dad I now can say I know how to hang dry wall and finish it.  I think that I need to update this on the old resume seeing as how I don’t have a definite contract for next year yet.  It is really kind of fun…probably because it’s for our closets and not everyday 9-5, in someone else’s house.  

Here’s how to do it: After the sheet rock is hung, you apply the mud (joint compound) over seams, cut a piece of tape the right length to put on top of that.  Then you smooth over the tape, going in one direction with the trowel.  Do this same thing for corners and the places where ceiling and walls join.  Also, fill in screw holes by putting the mud over the hole and wiping it off smooth.  Easy peasy!

I don’t know what comes next exactly other than waiting until it’s dry so we can sand.  But check back for the next closet building how to from 522.


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