What I did instead

Now it is 5:16.  I have barely moved from my swiveling desk chair.  Why?  I am addicted to my technology conveniences (see yesterday’s post)  For the last few hours I have been exploring the musical world of npr podcasts.  So exciting and FREE!  Also, I have changed you tube videos into files that I can save on my ipod…yet another free entertainment.  Convenience.  Yes, a great one.  (I told you I would come back to this.)  But how do people get things done?  This I do not know.  For example, let me go back to my 12 hours of facebook.  For those of you that I don’t know, I joined one evening while I was bored and Mark was watching UFC mess, and for probably 6 hours straight I “facebooked.”  Then the next morning before leaving for church, I facebooked.  Came home from church and immediately I was checking it…..DEPENDENCE!  That is what I was thinking.  I guess not dependence, more addiction, comsumption…Regardless, I erased it.  It is the new heroin.  The alcoholic of today is a gamer, a blogger, a facebooker….this convenience becomes a dependence! Ahhh…it is a never ending mess.  Maybe the next post..MODERATION.

(you should check it out though.  npr: all songs considered and the live concerts from all songs considered.  just be sure you aren’t supposed to be taking care of your children, working, or other responsible things first…)


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