it is sunny and it’s raining

That is very weird to me.  I was driving home and it was pouring yet I still needed to wear my sunglasses.  I think that sunny rain is worse to drive in than regular, cloudy rain.  Sun makes people think that they can speed, that they can pull out in front of you and that they don’t need their lights on.  I don’t like it.  I am quite glad to be home safe & sound and not hydroplaning down 151 anymore.  

This week is easing me into summer mode.  (Not that that takes much adjusting.)  We have exams to give and/or proctor at school in the mornings and otherwise we are free to be at home.  I love it.  My a.d.d however is kicking in and I can’t seem to do anything from my list of so many things to do now that I have this time.  Actually, I am going to blame Mark for this stall out on projects I am having right now because he told me I could not start painting the upstairs bedroom this afternoon.  That I have too many things to do.  Painting had been in my head all weekend and now….I can’t do anything at all.  

I think that I will just go look at the paint colors.  I am thinking reddish (not fire truck, think brick wall).  I saw this room on flickr months and months ago that was just fabulous.  It would compliment the card catalog that has been displaced from the art room.

He did not say I could not get the paint…


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