Convenience versus dependence?

First let me say that the life that I live in as a 28 year old is by far different than the life that I lived even at 18, at 23…in highschool and even to a certain degree in college.  This technology, its advancement…its convience or dependence?   

For example, let’s start with cell phones.  I am thinking back to highschool.  To bag phones.  To the only people that I knew had one they used all the time were on 90210.  To my friend Russ calling me from my from porch.  Why?  Just because it was sheerly entertaining.  A little amazing.  Is this how people felt when cordless phones were first invented?  Walky talkies?  Phones at all?  It is a cycle, yes I am aware.  Cell phones.  Now who doesn’t have one.  Convenience?  Dependance?  Both?  BOTH.  Explanation.  Text messages, so convenient.  Not having to communicate to communicate.  Love it.  Leaving for work and 2 miles down the road realizing you forgot your phone. So what do you do?  Turn around to go get it, make yourself late.  Why?  Dependence.  What if you have a flat tire?  What if you get in a wreck, a ticket?  What would you do?  How would you survive?  Dependence.  After all, we survived before we could talk any and everywhere we happened to be.  Don’t like it.

Next.  Internet, the web, information superhighway.  Conveniene?  Dependance?  Again, I must say both.  We have access to so much information.  Let me check the weather, find out how to take care of a Christmas cactus in South Carolina, get a list and video of all the songs in the movie seven pounds…I could go on and on.  We can’t go a day without it.  Google is now a verb in the dictionary.  This is quite convenient.  And we are quite dependent.  It’s a love hate relationship.  Here’s the hate…do we even need books anymore?  Mailmen and stamps?  Stores?  Really people for that matter…I know it is extreme but it scares me.  

Okay so I could go on reasoning the sides of all technology but I am going to stop for now.  This is to be continued.  Thanks to Cheryl for the start of this brain dumping, a student who has a calculator instead of a piece of paper, a computer instead of a tutor or teacher…this is why it can be frightening.  Where are the personal relationships going????  We can blog to stay intouch, text to “talk,” click to buy, turn on a computer to visit the library or see what the weather is outside…

okay, I am really going.


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  1. Amen to the technology thing. I find myself dependent more often than I am convenienced. Marty and I have started leaving computers at work and not even using them on the weekend because we get so sick of them during the week. It works well. Great to hear from you on this “convenient” communication forum.

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