sidewalking brainstorm

11:45 on a monday off.  leslie and i went for a walk.  this is good because now i can be lazy and free the rest of the day without feeling guilty.  and i had a great idea on the walk to raise money (and tend to my selfish desires) for hartsville…have a parade of homes of sort.  not the usual snotty, brand new house kind in other cities to show off people’s money and their decorator’s work, but here have 5 houses or so each year with great hartsville character, old and charming and fabulous.  there are so many!  

who do i need to talk to about this…our mayor? our city planner?  either way, i would volunteer.  it could be great fun.  

(about the selfish part…if i could have any super power, mine would be the ability to see into people’s houses.  okay,yes, i know that this sounds very creepy.  but it’s not to see the people but the actual house, the stuff that occupies it.  not quite as weird right?)



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2 responses to “sidewalking brainstorm

  1. cheryl

    i’m so happy you started this!!! as little as i get to see you these days it will be nice to be able to peek into your thoughts every now and then. and i often want that super power too. btw, at night when people have their lights on and windows open is the best!

  2. Flora Beth

    Hi Bethany, Thanks for including me to share in your blog. I love the way you think. Be sweet!

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